Mort Künstler Limited Edition Print: "Blessing of the Sword"


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This artwork from the personal collection of Lt Col. Thomas A. Richards, USMA (Ret.) — a Civil War enthusiast, Vietnam veteran and Purple Heart medal recipient — and was donated in his honor to the Trust by his family to ensure his legacy of battlefield preservation. Limited edition, signed and numbered print, #66 of 950.

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Product Description

This artwork by renowned historical artist Mort Künstler depicts the blessing of the sword at the time of departure.  Mort Künstler writes, “The idea for this work was suggested to me several years ago, but I did not decide to paint it until I discovered this 19th century poem by T.B. Read. 

The Brave at Home 
The wife who girds her husband’s sword
‘Mid little ones who weep or wonder, 
And bravely speaks the cheering word, 
Even though her heart be rent asunder, 
Doomed nightly in her dreams to hear
The bolts of death around him rattle, 
Has shed as sacred blood as e’er
Was poured upon the field of battle.

As I researched this painting, I learned that there were innumerable presentation swords and sabers carried by Northern and Southern officers and non-coms during the Civil War. It was usually a handsomely-crafted, non-regulation weapon given as a token of esteem by family, friends, or admirers. Sometimes, when the gift was very expensive - and the officer was very popular - funds for its purchase were raised by subscription in the community.” For more, continue reading on the Mort Künstler website.


  • Reproduction technique: Fine offset lithography on neutral pH archival quality paper using the finest fade-resistant inks. 
  • Numbered and Signed, #66, Edition Size: 950
  • Certificate of authenticity included 
  • Image Size: 14” x 23”
  • Overall Size: 19-1/2” x 28”