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Decisions at Stones River

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    “Decisions at Stones River: The Sixteen Critical Decisions That Defined the Battle” introduces readers to critical decisions made by Confederate and Union commanders. Matt Spruill and Lee Spruill examine the decisions that shaped the way the campaign and battle unfolded. Rather than offering a history of the Battle of Stones River, the Spruills focus on the critical decisions, those decisions that had a major impact on both Federal and Confederate forces in shaping the progression of the battle as we know it today. This account is designed to present the reader with a coherent and manageable blueprint of the battle’s development. Exploring and studying the critical decisions allows the reader to progress from an understanding of “what happened” to “why events happened” as they did.

    The first book in the University of Tennessee Press’s Command Decisions in America’s Civil War series, this manuscript contains maps, photographs, and a guided tour of the battlefields.

    • Paperback
    • 251 pages
    • Published in 2018