• Blue clear water bottle with the ABT logo on the front
  • Flip top lid open showing the drinking spout
  • Closed flip-top lid locked with a metal clip
Blue clear water bottle with the ABT logo on the front
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Sports Water Bottle

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    For all you sporty history lovers… Whether you’re hiking a historic trail, seeing Gettysburg on horseback, or working out at the gym, this water bottle will help you stay hydrated and show your commitment to battlefield preservation.

    • 25 oz BPA-free bottle
    • Features single-wall construction and a press-button, flip-open drinking lid with a spout
    • Includes a metal locking latch and a plastic carry loop
    • Hand wash only and follow any included care guidelines
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    Great Bottle!

    What's there to really say about a water bottle you might ask? Well, let me tell you a couple of things! I've been using this bottle for work over the past few months, and I've got all good things to report back.
    Firstly, this water bottle fits in cup holders of my work & personal vehicles. I've had this bottle rolling around in the floor board before without spilling a drop, so it seals up pretty dang good when closed! The button to open the top is firm, but easy to use - it gives you a real satisfying "POP" each time you open it, but not too loud and can use it in those office days just fine as I do. The little finger-holder hook is actually pretty dang useful. I carry it by that all the time with a finger and even hook it on a clasp when I'm out backpacking or out on the trails at work. I've received a few comments from people out on the trails & in the office about the bottle and asking what the trust was - cool to explain the project to them and my support of it. I've got some real expensive water bottles for ruggedness conditions, but to be honest, this is all I've needed - still use it regularly today. With it being plastic, there's no problems with any kind of liquids I've had in it (water, tea, even Kool-Aid).
    It's a practical way of sharing your support for the trust ultimately. Worth the cost!
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