• Front Cover of Battle Field Maps of the American Revolution
  • Sample inside pages showing a map on the right side with the Battle of Princeton story of the opposite page
  • Sample inside pages with a map on the right page with the Southern Strategy story on the opposite page
  • Sample of inside pages with a map on the right page and the story of the Siege of Yorktown on the opposite page
Front Cover of Battle Field Maps of the American Revolution
Front Cover
Made in USA

Battle Maps of the American Revolution

Follow the action of iconic Revolutionary War battles.

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    For the first time in book form, we have collected the maps of some of the most iconic battles of the Revolutionary War. Follow the course of the war, from Lexington & Concord to the British surrender at Yorktown, utilizing this unparalleled collection of maps of the major actions of the American Revolution. Featuring 120 pages with 65 full-color, highly detailed maps and expert battle commentary, this volume makes a great addition any battlefield enthusiast's bookshelf.

    The American Battlefield Trust and its members have preserved more than 54,000 acres of battlefield land across 150 battlefields, at sites such as Lexington & Concord, Brandywine, Yorktown, Shiloh, and Gettysburg. Other than physically walking the hallowed ground that we've saved together, the best way to illustrate the importance of the properties we have preserved is through our battle maps.

    This is the third volume in our ongoing Battles Maps of the American Battlefield Trust Series. Make your collection complete with the first two volumes mapping Civil War Eastern Theater and Western Theater battlefields. Save $10 when you purchase all 3 in this Bundle https://shop.battlefields.org/product/battle-maps-bundle/abt160.

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    Excellent resource

    Any one involved in reading / researching battles of the American Revolution should keep this by their side while doing so. With easy to understand maps, this book not only shows you the "overall" of an engagement, it also shows how a battle evolved. A must have for any enthusiast of the Revolutionary War.
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