• Full map of the Gettysburg Area
  • Closeup of Downtown Gettysburg
  • Closeup of the Round Top area of Gettysburg
Full map of the Gettysburg Area
Full Map
Made in USA

Map of Gettysburg and Vicinity Print

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    Originally published by the Gettysburg Battlefield Memorial Association in 1886, this incredibly detailed and unique map was created to help raise awareness and funds to purchase parts of the Gettysburg battlefield so that these hallowed grounds could be preserved forever. The map shows Civil-War battle positions in surrounding Gettysburg. Union lines are shown by blue dashes and Confederate lines by red ones. It also shows locations of artillery, other significant features of the battlefield, some dwellings with names of residents, vegetation, drainage, roads, and railways.

    This 12” x 16” map, printed on special heavy-duty paper, will be shipped to you in a protective tube.